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2017 Itineraries overview

Saruni has carefully crafted safari itineraries that combine the most unique and remarkable places and experiences, from the world renowned wilderness of the Masai Mara to the remote, arid and undiscovered North and more. The itineraries are all-inclusive - every last detail is taken care of so that your journey is completely hassle free. If you have any special requests, our Reservations and Tour Operations team will accommodate your needs.

We are constantly updating and adding to our list of Saruni itineraries, creating more tailored safaris to suit the personal wishes of our guests.

View and book our Saruni itineraries below, valid for 2017.
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The prices indicated are ALL-INCLUSIVE per person sharing.

  • EZ2A9333

The Supreme Safari & Rhino Tracking Experience
All inclusive from US$5,435 per person sharing

A 7 nights / 8 days journey combining three of Kenya’s most exciting and wildlife-rich wildernesses. Experience the newest property in the Wild North, Saruni Rhino and the elegant, luxurious Saruni Samburu & Saruni Mara.


  • Saruni Rhino

Black Rhino Tracking Experience
All inclusive from US$3,188 per person sharing

A 4 nights / 5 days journey combining two of Kenya’s exciting properties: the elegant & luxurious Saruni Samburu & the rugged, authentic Saruni Rhino


  • ololokwe

The Samburu Express Safari
All inclusive from US$2,193 per person sharing

An exhilarating 3 nights/4 days in the unique, vast wilderness of Samburu, with its famous elephants and amazing landscapes.


  • Cultural safari experiences - walking with the Maasai tribe

The Mara Express Safari
All inclusive from US$2,173 per person sharing

An exhilarating 3 nights/4 days safari of a lifetime to the most wildlife populous and naturally rich wilderness in the world.


  • Romantic safari honeymoons with Saruni

The Supreme Safari
All inclusive from US$3,860 per person sharing

A 6 nights / 7 days journey combining Kenya’s most exciting and wildlife-rich wildernesses. Experience the luxurious Saruni Samburu and Saruni Mara with the ultimate, unforgettable safari - authentic and culture rich: a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  • Explore the renowned Masai Mara with Saruni

The Flagship Safari
All inclusive from US$6,536 per person sharing

Experience an exhilarating 8 nights / 9 days safari of a lifetime to the most wildlife populous and naturally-rich wilderness in the world - the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. This is the ultimate safari to the most remarkable wilderness in Africa, where you will encounter the rare, the timeless and the spectacular.


  • Children on safari with Saruni - family holidays in Africa

Family Safari
All inclusive from US$12,360 for a family of 4

A 6 nights / 7 days family journey of fun and adventure through Kenya’s most loved wildernesses; explore the teeming open plains and private forested valleys around Saruni Mara and the unending, rugged vistas of Saruni Samburu.


  • Nyati House private sundowner

Kenya's Top 3
All inclusive from US$7,043 per person sharing

A 9 nights / 10 days safari through three of Kenya's most renowned and remarkable wildernesses - from Samburu, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, to the Masai Mara. It is a unique journey taking you through the most celebrated conservation areas, with breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Reconnect with nature and be reminded of the grand scheme of life through this journey.


  • Game drive and bush breakfast along the river

Sarunity & Hemingway Experience
All inclusive from US$7,239 per person sharing

A 9 nights / 10 days safari discovering the vast arid vistas of Samburuland, the unending, thriving plains of the Masai Mara and the untouched, scenic Chyulu Hills. Experience the most breathtaking combination of culture, wildlife and scenery that create a safari full of adventure and discovery, leaving you with colorful memories.


  • Family holidays, romantic safaris and more with Saruni

Kenya's Hidden Treasures
All inclusive from US$5,291 per person sharing

A 6 nights / 7 days safari uncovering two of Kenya's most unique hidden wildernesses - Samburu and Chyulu Hills. It is a journey of tribal cultures, massive mountains, spectacular views and authentic gems; taking you from the arid vistas of Samburu to the iconic green hills of Africa, the Chyulu Hills.


  • Encounter the Maasai tribe on safari with Saruni

The Il Moran Adventure
All inclusive from US$5,276 per person sharing

A 6 nights / 7 days between the Masai Mara and the Chyulu Hills in Southern Kenya. This Maasailand adventure takes you to two stylish and beautifully designed lodges with a strong connection to the Maasai communities. This is a journey of discovery of culture and wildlife against a backdrop of unforgettable scenery.


  • Saruni Itineraries take you to wild and wonderful places

Wildlife Wonders Safari
All inclusive from US$6,521 per person sharing

A 9 nights / 10 days journey combining some of the most spectacular wildlife encounters in East Africa; from Bwindi in Uganda, to Samburu and the Masai Mara in Kenya. This is an unforgettable wildlife safari offering you unrivalled encounters with Africa’s classic, rare, unique and diverse animals.


  • The view of Mount Kenya from Saruni Samburu

Of Mountains, Lakes and Plains
All inclusive from US$5,151 per person sharing

A 9 nights / 10 days safari from the Great Lakes of the Rift Valley, to the teeming plains of the Masai Mara and the vast, arid vistas of Samburuland. Experience the world renowned birdlife of Lake Naivasha, Africa’s classic Big Five and abundance of plains wildlife and predators in the Mara, and Samburu’s rare Special Five.


  • Family holiday in Kenya

African Adventure for the Family
All inclusive from US$5,696 per adult & US$3,312 per child (under 16 years)

A 9 nights / 10 days safari combining three beautiful and remarkable Kenyan conservancies offering fantastic authentic experiences for the whole family - from Samburu, to Borana (home to the real Pride Rock from 'The Lion King') and the Masai Mara. An unforgettable journey alive with adventure and authentic encounters of wildlife, culture and wilderness every step of the way.


  • Another day in Africa

To the Edge of the World
All inclusive from US$9,392 per person sharing

A 9 nights / 10 days safari that takes you to three pristine and unique wildernesses so remote and vast that you feel like you have reached 'the edge of the world' - from Samburu, to the Chyulu Hills and finally to the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. This is a life-enriching journey of wide open wilderness, of spectacular views, of authentic African experiences and of secluded luxury.


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