Saruni Samburu - Samburu, Kenya
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The Samburu ecosystem is one of the most exciting in East Africa and is made of several national reserves, private ranches and communally-owned group ranches that are all interconnected. Famous for its large population of elephants and unique northern species of animals found only in this area of Kenya, Samburu stands out as a unique, wildlife rich and diverse wilderness.

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Encounter the rare Samburu Five found only in this area

Guests have the remarkable opportunity to see the Samburu Five - five rare and endemic animals to the Samburu ecosystem. They are the Gerenuk, the Reticulated giraffe, the Somali ostrich, the Grevy's zebra, the Beisa oryx. Kalama Conservancy, the wildlife sanctuary where Saruni Samburu is located and which borders Samburu National Reserve, has an abundance of other rare species, like the leopard, the Striped hyena, the Civet cat and African Wild dog or Painted hunting dogs.

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Trained by Lewa and the Northern Rangelands Trust, the Kalama rangers have been protecting this area for several years and have been reporting a steady increase in wildlife numbers and sightings. The waterholes built by Saruni and by the Kalama community, with water coming from Buffalo Springs, are bringing to the area a precious element that is often missing form this arid part of Kenya. The constant availability of water will make the Saruni area an unavoidable stopping point for all the wildlife of this large and still pristine area, where there are no roads, no people, no buildings and no signs of human civilization.

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